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Los Angeles limo services are essential to making the most of the LA experience. At Vanguard, we pride ourselves on being able to meet the needs of our customers and offer the best in quality, treatment and service. In the following areas of entertainment transportation, LA airport limo services, ground transportation, luxury limo services, event transportation, funeral transportation and wedding limos, Vanguard Limousine Services can meet all of your needs.

Los Angeles entertainment transportation: LA is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the country with some of the most exciting activities, such as nightlife on Sunset Strip as well as various amusement parks, theatres, clubs and entertainment hotspots. Traveling with inconspicuous style is Vanguard’s specialty. Entertainment transportation means that you will be arriving and leaving the entertainment scene in one of our perfectly maintained limousines equipped with personal driver, door service, direction service and refreshments.

Los Angeles airport limo services: Getting to and from the airport in LA is possibly one of the most difficult activities with which you deal. Traffic can be horrific, even at non-peak times. Choosing Vanguard Limousines for your airport limo services is one of the best choices you can make when traveling in and through Los Angeles. We always arrive on time and are able to work with you to create a plan of action to best suit your needs.

Los Angeles ground transportation: The streets, freeways, byways and highways are treacherous, difficult to navigate and most of all, extremely frustrating to a driver who just needs to get work done. At Vanguard, we are committed to excellence in all areas of our limo services, and with our ground transportation, you will be able to ride through the insanity and monotony of LA traffic with peace and ease. Do what you need to do while riding, choose Vanguard.

Los Angeles luxury limo services: Riding in style is standard at Vanguard, and especially in a city such as LA, you will not regret choosing our luxury limo services. Our drivers are professional, trained and able to attend to your needs while you are with us. At reasonable rates, our luxury limo services offer the best that money can buy. Whether you are traveling on business, formal occasions, weddings, dates or any other activity, Vanguard offers the best in luxury limo services.

Los Angeles event transportation: Every night LA is full of events such as basketball games, concerts, performances, plays, restaurant and club openings, weddings, parties and more. When traveling, Vanguard’s Los Angeles event transportation can take you to and from everywhere you need to be. Vanguard also offers larger-scale cars and luxury SUVs to accommodate even the largest of parties.

Los Angeles funeral transportation: LA is home to some of the largest and most well kept funeral homes and cemeteries in the state. At Vanguard, we understand the importance of professional service during hard times such as funerals and memorial services. Our drivers will help make your transportation smooth and without worry and funeral transportation at Vanguard is always helpful and kind.

Los Angeles wedding limos: Every year, thousands of couples marry in beautiful Southern California. The wedding day is perhaps one of the most special events in a couple’s life together, and at Vanguard we are happy to provide comprehensive wedding limo services year round.

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